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6; So much to say

Recently things have been going relatively well, dispite the fact that OWLS are coming closer and closer, my studying for potions is getting better, I brewed a potion to make Seamus unable to catch fire, so now he no longer has to wait til his eyebrows grow back all the time. I just wish professor Snape would help me. I submited my essay over 3 weeks ago.

Anyway, every weekend for the last 3 weeks, George and I have been playing Quidditch against each other. He says I'm a really good player, and tells me stuff about Ron. Meanwhile when I watch Ron practice for team, when he knows I'm watching it seems that he gets worse.

I'm still in limbo about where Herminone, Lukra and Luna have run off to. I miss talking to them.

I'm doing well in all my classes I suppose. No problems there, Healing classes seem to be super easy these days.

Ron and I went to Hogsmeade together, I played a few jokes on him. It was cute watching him blush with me. He got jealous when I mentioned that Dumbledore talked alot about how much I would like Harry. Strange how I haven't even met Harry yet! Well not officially.

Cho and I have become good friends, she is starting to tell me alot more than before. She even told me a bit about Cedric and how she feels about it. Though she still won't admit to having a crush on Harry. Its kind of obvious because she is always seemingly jealous of Herminone. But I set it straight a bit, told her about Krum.

I haven't seen Catastrophe in a while... I think she flew to Lake Titicaca to visit Minoru.

I miss them both. I've got studying to do.

[[ooc: when fred and george get kicked off the quidditch team can Chyto try out and make it? ]]
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