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7; Tutoring with Professor Snape (Italics are private)

Professor Snape finally got back to me and said that he was willing on a trial basis to tutor me. I was so happy and thrilled, though he looked extremely familiar .

So anyway, he asks me to do several relatively easy, well for me, potions. Which though a little rusty on did quite well. I asked him what was wrong with my Invisablity spells only turning things translucent, and he just wondered about the quality of my ingredients for a bit. I told him about the flame retardant potion I gave to Seamus.

He seemed like he didn't want me to know he was impressed.. because he just stared at me for a second.. before handing out a vicious comment!

He said he would tutor me further. Which I am super happy about.
He is one of the men that was there, one of the men that helped Lord Voldemort kill my Grandparents and Aunt &Uncle on my mother's side. But I think he is of the OoTP, just like my parents. It must be hard to live a double life like that. I gave him a hug and he seemed really taken aback by it. Like he never got a hug from anyone outside his family.
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