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Where is everyone?

Well school has been going really good lately. My potion making has been improving a great deal. I just wonder where everyone went off to. Though it has been kinda nice.. though lately it seems I've been getting alot of trouble lately in Divination class. I hate that woman.. its soo stupid...fortelling the future is about as predictable as the most spontaneous person sometimes... Not only that she's predicted my death for sunday this week. Last week she said it would be today. The woman is a quack.

Minoru came and visited me last weekend. We went to Hogsmede together. He really likes Honeydukes. He ate soo much candy he had to spend the whole weekend.

I really miss talking to Ron. I still haven't talked to Harry.. which is odd... since I am quite good friends with both of his best friends.

Oh well... gotta go to class..
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