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Ahh...long time no post.

Well, it has been an interesting year thus far; there are still no direct signs of Cornelius changing sides...

I am growing wearier with every passing day, knowing that there is great evil out there amongst the wizarding world, and the majority of those wizards still do not know, or do not want to believe it.

I have been unsuccessful in getting Dolores to cease with her decrees. If anything, I believe she took great offence to it and is about to create yet another one.

She has also arranged a small party of students to be her ...what was it? Inquisitorial Squad? The poor woman decided that she needed support to back up her ideas, and spent all of last night yelling in my office. She did manage to stir up quite a bit of an event last night-- she even threatened to contact Cornelius then and there to have me removed from the school.

Needless to say, I handled the situation, and she left my office, upset no doubt, but not about to have me taken away from the school. Of course, I will have to remain aware of what she has done to Hogwarts, and what she is still capable of doing in the long run.
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