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Hogwart's School for Witchwaft and Wizardry

A Harry Potter RPG

Harry Potter RPG
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This is the Harry Potter community for the Harry Potter LiveJournal Role-Playing Game. We write third-person journal entries writing about the daily lives and tribulations of the characters portrayed in Harry Potter.

This roleplaying-game is beginning mid-way through The Order of the Phoenix, around the first few days at Hogwarts. If you haven't read the fifth book yet, it's probably best to stay away from these spoiler-ific entries.

[1] No flaming other players. While characters can into disagreements (and at time, full-fledged wars), players MUST resolve their differences in a humane manner.

[2] Please try to keep everything cannon. I know, I, for one, am crazy about Harry Potter slash, but we're going to try to keep everything as in-character as possible.

[3] Try to keep in-character at all times. I know this can be difficult, especially writing something as personal to a character as journal entries, but with hard work, I'm sure it can be managed.

[4] Please try to post atleast twice a week. If your character does not post for over three weeks without first notifying one of the mods, your character will be up for grabs.

[5] No power-gaming. Communicate with other players before writing a post up that involves one of their characters.

Characters Taken
Sirius Black
theblackdog by 07goldeneye
AIM - BlueDolphin3000

Cho Chang
quidditch_queen by lost_starlight
AIM - beautynstupid Xx

Albus Dumbledore
order_of_merlin by dynastessa
AIM - obsidianpeach

Hermione Granger
hrhphermione by fairypark
AIM - YuzuInugamiAijin

Luna Lovegood
hogwartsluna by asalienapua
AIM - AsalieNapua

Remus Lupin
_moony_ by anomay
AIM - Anomay17

Draco Malfoy
slytheringod by mysticgaea
AIM - WingedGaea

Alastor Moody
auror_madeye by incongrously

Pansy Parkinson
prattling_pansy by shireling
AIM - Muraki Pocky

Harry Potter
_potter_ by ffxyuna
AIM - Immortal Elegy

Tom Riddle
dreadful_riddle by takashiroenishi
AIM - Soushi13

Severus Snape
potion_master by sabrinanymph
AIM - LeiaOS or SabrinaNymph

Nymphadora Tonks
only_tonks by snuzzie
AIM - Light Of Anduril

Vincent von Hellsing (OC)
v_vonhellsing by takashiroenishi
AIM - Soushi13

Fred Weasley
uptonogood by sobloodycute
AIM - Pixeled Bunny

George Weasley
jouji_uiizurii by sakurakasugano
AIM - saky mimura

Ginny Weasley
by kazoku

Ron Weasley
cleansweepron by amanushika
AIM - Re Bao Zhao

Note: Please post your entries to both your character journal and the community so it will be easier for everyone to keep track of the activities. Also try to comment on the communities as often as possible, so everyone can see them in one place.