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I feel as if I should be studying harder in preperation for N.E.W.T.s next year... but I'm just having so much fun being around George that studying doesn't seem so important. I have been keeping up with eveything, classes aren't that hard... but I'm just not putting forth any extra effort... besides in Potions... I fear that Snape will do something... drastic to my grade if I don't make an effort to keep up.

I met Harry Potter the other day. I've seen him in passing, I mean everyone know's who Harry is, but I've never actually talked to him. He was very plesent, and we took a walk around the quidditch pitch after practice, and I managed to not trip or run into anything. We chatted about my fathers broom shop in Diagon Alley, quidditch, and how much we both dislike Snape. It sounds like Snape hates Harry even more than he hates me. Yet, then again, does Snape really like anyone?

George was waiting for us to return from our walk and he gave Harry and I a weird look, then he did something he never did before, he put his arm around my shoulders and kinda... forced me to leave Harry. It was... odd. I waved goodbye to Harry and when we were out of sight of the quidditch pitch he dropped his arm and seemed to relax a bit. I wonder what was wrong with him. I mentioned maybe going to Harry to Hogsmeade and George quickly told me that I was going with him. It made me happy that he wanted to go with me again.

I havne't talked to Chyto in a bit, but I've seen her hanging around Cho a bit more than usual, Cho and I have never really been close, oh hell, she's never said a bloody thing to me, and we're in the same house. I don't know... she just has something about her that bothers me.
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