Headmaster Albus Dumbledore (order_of_merlin) wrote in hprp,
Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

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Dolores has been 'working her magic' throughout the school, lately. She has been threatening to have me removed from the premises as well...which is starting to anger me in the slightest.

Yes, I've told myself that I would not lose my temper, but this is going on for quite enough. Ah, but I feel that now is not the time to release my temper [though little, it is].

It is quite relieving to see that most of the students only worry about things related to the school, and do not see the dangers that are beyond the great walls of Hogwarts. It shows that though Voldemort has returned, he is not strong enough to induce fear in every student's hearts. I, of course, am worried that sooner or later most of the students will need to learn the entire truth...

But before then, I believe Harry should be the first to know the full truth. It is only fair to him. It still edges at my mind like a sharp razor.
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