Headmaster Albus Dumbledore (order_of_merlin) wrote in hprp,
Headmaster Albus Dumbledore

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Another long-expected update.

Ahh...I'm afraid many things at Hogwarts have kept me from updating this electronic journal...my secondary pensieve.

Too many things, mostly confidential, I'm afraid, have occured. I mustn't write anything down in case it is intercepted.

I've noticed that others have not had the chance to update their own journals, which is a shame.

Dark times are approaching us even quicker than we would like for them to, but I feel that we are all as ready as we'll ever be..

[ooc: again, though we've tried...XD...we couldn't exactly revive the RPG as we'd hoped. i feel sad that this is happening...~_~ we need more effort, ne? so I've posted. Yeah...hopefully that'll get something going!...maybe?...please?...;_; ...]
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