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OOC: Okay, let's get this underway.

Now we're all busy, that's true. I myself barely have time to get online while I have these heaps of homework lying about, so here's what I suggest that we do. Asalie, most obviously, has ceased paying attention to this has everyone else, I may add. So this is what I propose that we do. All who are watching this RP and wish to remain in it...comment to this post. Those who want to stay can meet online {AIM, maybe?} and discuss how we want to do this. What I think is that one of us should ask Asalie for the password and whatnot to the community and have someone else take over as mod. That person can develop a plotline, call meetings on AIM or just in posts, and can clear out those characters who do not wish to remain with the RP or who are not watching. Then we can go out and advertise, hopefully have more people join and get it underway. I mean...we can all at least manage to post once a week, can't we? ^^

And remember, Winter Break {for all school people} is coming up soon, so we have a whole two weeks to get everything organized.

What do you think? ...because i loved this RP when it was actually active, and I think it'd be a waste to let it completely die. Anyone agree?

If anyone wants to discuss it, etc, my AIM is Light of Anduril. ^^


-Tonks aka snuzzie
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